Friday, July 29, 2016


Finally it is here and available at all online book vendors. The title is: Darwin’s Racism: The Definitive Case, Along with a Close Look at Some of the Forgotten, Genuine Humanitarians of That Time. It is easy enough to find. Just search for the words, Darwin racism, and my book is the first or one of the first books that comes up.

I don’t think I need to say anything else for the moment. At sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, you can read a description of the book or see the Table of Contents. I have also repeated these things in some of the recent posts below. Just scroll down a bit to May for the Contents.

And when I say the definitive case in the subtitle, it really is.

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  1. Thanks, Leon!

    Sorry to say, I am starting with the Kindle version....I'll try buy the high dollar one for family members who need the truth.

    I love your introduction....though it certainly strikes a sad chord.

    btw, I don't know if you have treated Edwin Black's shocking books/essays/videos on eugenics. I definitely get the feeling Black goes out of his way not to paint American Eugenics pioneers, like Madison Grant and Charles Davenport, as Darwinists. Maybe I am wrong?

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I keep forgetting that does not automatically notify me when I have a comment, and then I forget to check my posts on a regular basis. I know the intro to the book is a little sad. It was meant to be. Swimming against the tide (scholarly or otherwise) is a draining, exhausting experience. It seems my whole life has been like that.

      I am not familiar with the work of Edwin Black, though I have read a little about the eugenics movement in America. Darwin would not have approved of a brutal eugenics, but he certainly supplied eugenicists with plenty of grist for their way of thinking.
      Leon Zitzer

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    1. I apologize for having removed two duplicate posts, but they were almost incomprehensible religious exclamations. Even as exclamations they hardly made sense. I see no point to that.